Software Development

Safe Computers is a leading onshore Software Development company which deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, Hi-tech Designing Solutions, We are focused on delivering customized application software solutions in client/server platform and in web domain. We provide component development services for the popular technologies & platforms.


Data Entry

Safe Computers provides whole range of data entry services through our offshore facilities in India. The typical services include:




Web Hosting, Design & Development


Safe Computers has many web hosting packages to suit your requirements to host your site. We host sites using both Window based and Linux based systems. We provide a range of highly reliable web hosting services which constitutes required infrastructure and technical expertise.
We not only provide feature-rich and scalable & flexible hosting solutions you can also choose to host your website on our servers based in India or our US based servers or you can decide to host your site on both the servers. Our web team has expertise to work with you to determine the best hosting solution suited to your needs and requirements. Web Hosting is not just about organizing bytes for you on the web but it includes developing and putting in place all the following technical elements as suited to your unique needs and requirements:


Safe Computers is Gujarat and India’s leading web designing companies that offers customer oriented web site designing services and more importantly deliver them effectively. The expert website designers have expertise in striking the right balance of looks and the business needs, requirements and aspirations.
Whether you are a Government, small business or large corporate, Safe Computers as a complete website design company can help you to achieve an online presence to give cutting edge web design solutions to your business. We have an integrated team of creative and professional web designer’s team who are specialized in cutting edge website design solutions, custom website designs, professional designing, e-commerce web design, and corporate web design, new website design or redesigning of sites and other rich web applications.
If your goal is to provide information, products, e-commerce or online services through your website, we can ensure that the visitors to your site will enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience. We utilize the skills of our web designers, and business management experts while designing the website.



As per fact that web designing is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of Markup language suitable for interpretation by Web browser and display as Graphical user interface (GUI).
Designing a website is not just about giving a good look and feel to the website visitors, it’s about the art and method of creating an effective online presence that best represents the image and identity of the business. An effective web presence is about the look, feel and graphical style integrated with desired functionality.
It is also about making your website a full-fledged online business arm totally integrated with your offline business setup. It’s not enough just to attract visitors to your site and that is why we keep talking about effective design which is about turning these visitors into regular users, clients and customers.


Safe Computers is an offshore Web Development Company has experienced web developer team who specializes in advanced web application development technologies, ecommerce development solutions, programming, custom web application development, Script Installation and Modifications,, many other rich web application development services.
Safe Computers being one of the leading web development companies in India is geared to develop attractive, fast-loading, search engine optimized sites with easy and user-friendly navigation. At Safe Computers we deliver creativity bundled with technical expertise to give that crucial zing, presence and impact to your website.
When you engage with us to make the web work for you, we first develop a web development strategy and then work in consultation with you, step by step to implement your unique web strategy to your fullest satisfaction.
We work with you to determine the focus, purpose and style for your site. We use latest technologies and processes to build secure and reliable web sites. We develop websites, web applications, database driven sites, Corporate Intranet Design and Development and renovate existing websites. If you engage with us we promise you an exclusive web design, original ideas, flexibility, quality and above all on time delivery on all our commitments.

Back Office Support

Safe Computers provides a custom solution for large to medium sized Central or State Government or any enterprises that require various types of applications to be electronically organized and managed for them. These applications can include prospective employees and customers. Each application is screened by a customized software application (developed in-house) that sets the criteria and automatically runs an initial screening, making it easier for your staff to evaluate the documents.
Safe Computers provides simple to high-end tech support including customer service, product feature / services support and troubleshooting. We have exceptional experience in supporting diverse application & software products.


Information Technology Consulting

We provide software consultants to work at user sites in diverse computing environments. We also offer professionals to software developers and user organizations. This helps them to manage their software development manpower needs effectively.

Online E-tax Return Preparation & Filling (Roc, Income Tax, E-tds)

DND Business Solution a registered sister concern company of Safe Computers is here to provide you with a simple, convenient and secure way to manage and control your taxes. We understand that taxes are something most people need guidance on. Our founders have wealth of experience in the field of tax practice over 30 years between them. This, coupled with their customer sensitivity, plus them in an ideal position to drive an organization committed to act as a one stop solutions provider in the field of Taxes.

DND Business Solution Team

DND Business Solutions is the outcome of efforts put in by a team of Chartered Accountants, Tax Professionals and Software Developers with the drive to revolutionize tax compliance in India. We at DND Business Solutions don’t just help you file taxes. We view ourselves as being an active building block in nation-building and growth, and the material that we made of consists of professionals from various fields, sharing a common mission.